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 +===== EliteAPI::​AutoFollow Namespace =====
 +The auto-follow namespace contains functions useful for interacting with the auto-follow system of the game. Users can obtain the current following information as well as set the current target and auto-follow state. This allows users to bypass the /follow command set any position as a follow location effectively allowing them to automatically walk to any location in the game.
 +Below is a list of functions found within this namespace:
 +  * ''​[[eliteapi:​functions:​autofollow:​IsAutoFollowing]]''​
 +  * ''​[[eliteapi:​functions:​autofollow:​GetAutoFollowTargetIndex]]''​
 +  * ''​[[eliteapi:​functions:​autofollow:​GetAutoFollowTargetId]]''​
 +  * ''​[[eliteapi:​functions:​autofollow:​GetAutoFollowFollowIndex]]''​
 +  * ''​[[eliteapi:​functions:​autofollow:​GetAutoFollowFollowId]]''​
 +  * ''​[[eliteapi:​functions:​autofollow:​SetAutoFollowInfo]]''​
 +  * ''​[[eliteapi:​functions:​autofollow:​SetAutoFollowCoords]]''​
 +  * ''​[[eliteapi:​functions:​autofollow:​SetAutoFollow]]''​
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