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EntityEntry Structure

The entity structure contains information about an entity that is obtained via the GetEntity function.

struct EntityEntry
    unsigned int    TargetID;
    unsigned int    ServerID;
    unsigned int    ClaimID;
    unsigned short  TargetingIndex;
    char            Name[25];
    unsigned char   HealthPercent;
    unsigned char   ManaPercent;
    float           X;
    float           Y;
    float           Z;
    float           H;
    float           Distance;
    float           Speed;
    float           SpeedAnimation;
    unsigned int    Status;
    unsigned int    WarpPointer;
    unsigned int    PetOwnerID;
    unsigned int    PetTP;
    unsigned short  PetIndex;
    unsigned char   Type;
    unsigned int    SpawnFlags;
    unsigned char   Race;
    unsigned short  Face;
    unsigned short  Head;
    unsigned short  Body;
    unsigned short  Hands;
    unsigned short  Legs;
    unsigned short  Feet;
    unsigned short  Main;
    unsigned short  Sub;
    unsigned short  Ranged;
    float           ModelSize;
    unsigned short  CostumeID;
    unsigned int    Render0000;
    unsigned int    Render0001;
    unsigned int    Render0002;
    unsigned int    Render0003;
    unsigned int    Render0004;
    unsigned short  ActionTimer1;
    unsigned short  ActionTimer2;
    unsigned short  FishingTimer;
    unsigned char   Animations[40];
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