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 +===== FantasFisher (Premier Fishing Bot From EliteMMO Network) =====
 +==== What is FantasyFisher?​ ====
 +FantasyFisher is the new premier fishing application brought to you by the EliteMMO Network. \\
 +It will be replacing the current fishbot that is within XiClaim once testing has completed and is confirmed to be working. \\
 +That being said, this is a beta test so please report any issues, concerns, or suggestions in this topic to help keep feedback moving and production of the application active!
 +==== How do I use FantasyFisher?​ ====
 +Very simple, setup is quick and easy. Follow these instructions and you should be good to go:
 +  * Download and extract FantasyFisher (and all of its included files) into a new folder anywhere you want.
 +  * Run FantasyFisher.exe. (You may need to right-click and run as Administrator!)
 +  * If you are running multiple processes of FFXi, select the process you want to attach to.
 +  * Choose your rod and bait at the top of the bot.
 +  * Select any options you wish to have enabled.
 +  * Select the fish you wish to catch at the bottom.
 +  * Click 'Start Fishing'​ and you are good to go!
 +{{http://​​I4Ce3kx.png}} {{http://​​bK0dFN6.png}}
 +===== Download =====
 +You can find the latest version of FantasyFisher here: \\
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