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ISpell Structure

The spell structure containing information about a spell returned from the Resources namespace.

struct ISpell
    unsigned short ID;                  // Spell ID, also used in recast 
    unsigned short MagicType;           // Magic type
    unsigned short Element;             // Spell element
    unsigned short ValidTargets;        // Valid cast targets
    unsigned short Skill;               // Magic skill type    
    unsigned short MP;                  // Mp cost
    unsigned char  Cast;                // Cast time (1/4 second)
    unsigned char  Recast;              // Recast time (1/4 second)
    unsigned short RequiredLevel[24];   // RequiredLevel[JobID] 0xFFFF == can not be learned.
    unsigned short ResourceID;          // Resource ID
    unsigned short IconIndex;           // Index of the icon.
    unsigned short IconIndex2;          // Index of the icon. (2)
    unsigned char  Unknown0000;         // Unknown value.
    unsigned char  Unknown0001;         // Unknown value.
    const char*    Name;                // Spell name.
    const char*    Description;         // Description of the spell.
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