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PlayerCombatSkills Structure

The players combat skills; part of the PlayerInfo structure.

struct PlayerCombatSkills
    CombatSkill Unknown;
    CombatSkill HandToHand;
    CombatSkill Dagger;
    CombatSkill Sword;
    CombatSkill GreatSword;
    CombatSkill Axe;
    CombatSkill GreatAxe;
    CombatSkill Scythe;
    CombatSkill Polearm;
    CombatSkill Katana;
    CombatSkill GreatKatana;
    CombatSkill Club;
    CombatSkill Staff;
    CombatSkill Unused0000;
    CombatSkill Unused0001;
    CombatSkill Unused0002;
    CombatSkill Unused0003;
    CombatSkill Unused0004;
    CombatSkill Unused0005;
    CombatSkill Unused0006;
    CombatSkill Unused0007;
    CombatSkill Unused0008;
    CombatSkill Unused0009;
    CombatSkill Unused0010;
    CombatSkill Unused0011;
    CombatSkill Archery;
    CombatSkill Marksmanship;
    CombatSkill Throwing;
    CombatSkill Guarding;
    CombatSkill Evasion;
    CombatSkill Shield;
    CombatSkill Parrying;
    CombatSkill Divine;
    CombatSkill Healing;
    CombatSkill Enhancing;
    CombatSkill Enfeebling;
    CombatSkill Elemental;
    CombatSkill Dark;
    CombatSkill Summon;
    CombatSkill Ninjitsu;
    CombatSkill Singing;
    CombatSkill String;
    CombatSkill Wind;
    CombatSkill BlueMagic;
    CombatSkill Unused0012;
    CombatSkill Unused0013;
    CombatSkill Unused0014;
    CombatSkill Unused0015;
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