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struct PlayerInfo
    unsigned int        HPMax;
    unsigned int        MPMax;
    unsigned char       MainJob;
    unsigned char       MainJobLevel;
    unsigned char       SubJob;
    unsigned char       SubJobLevel;
    unsigned short      ExpCurrent;
    unsigned short      ExpNeeded;
    PlayerStats         Stats;
    PlayerStats         StatsModifiers;
    short               Attack;
    short               Defense;
    PlayerElements      Elements;
    unsigned short      Title;
    unsigned short      Rank;
    unsigned short      RankPoints;
    unsigned char       Nation;
    unsigned char       Residence;
    unsigned int        Homepoint;
    PlayerCombatSkills  CombatSkills;
    PlayerCraftSkills   CraftSkills;
    unsigned short      LimitPoints;
    unsigned char       MeritPoints;
    unsigned char       LimitMode;
    short               Buffs[32];
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